Ladder Program for 2022 Season

Matches may be played at the Kleinburg Tennis Club, or on any of the public tennis courts in the neighborhood. Players can decide the venue where to play matches. If the matches are played at the Kleinburg Tennis Club, you must look for open time slots and book courts using the online court booking system (GameTime).

The Ladder this year is a complete self serve working online ladder system developed by a programmer. You can play as many matches as you want, as long as you are able to find opponents. 

To familiarize yourself with the ladder, start by reviewing the “Ladder Rules” and the “Ladder Quick Guide” links below:

Ladder Rules:

KTC Ladder Rules (2022) Kleinburg Tennis Club Singles Ladder – Ladder Team

Ladder Quick Guide:

Leapfrog Ladder Spreadsheet – Quick Guide Leapfrog Ladder Spreadsheet Quick Guide A leapfrog ladder is the classic competition commonly used in squash an…

Both of these documents will be helpful in becoming acquainted with the spreadsheet.

Some quick highlights of the Ladder and how it works:

·       Player challenge:

o   Initial challenge should be done from the spreadsheet, but final plans (hour and location of play, and changes to plans) can be done however players decide (phone, text, etc…)

o   You can only challenge 5 spots above your own 

o   New Ladder participants after today are welcome, but will be added to the Challenger Box at the bottom of the ladder

·       Match Play:

o   Recommend to play a Pro-8 match format, or first one to 8-games.  At 7-7, players should play a 10-point tie-break to determine the winner.   

o   Ultimately, Wins and Losses determine ranking so players can also choose to play a full match or other as long as there is a winner and loser, but be mindful of court bookings availability.

·       Match results, and ranking impacts:

o  For results to count and to be reflected in the rankings, match results must be submitted into the spreadsheet

o   We recommend the winner submits results on behalf of both players – only one submission is required per match

o   If the player with the lower ranking wins the match, he/she claims the rank of their opponent and everyone in the box moves down one spot

The Ladder has been tried and tested across many clubs but can still have ‘bugs’ or issues.  If you see anything that isn’t working as expected, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Ladder Team (contacts below).

We are still looking for additional volunteers to assist with the Ladder in providing support and assistance to others on the Ladder. If you are interested in joining the Ladder Team and assisting other players with technical support in using the Ladder application, please contact anyone on the Ladder Team below.

Any questions, just send an email to any of the Ladder Team members below for assistance and support. 

Good luck and start challenging others on the Ladder to matches!


1.         Alex Yeryomin –

2.         Tracy Zhang –

3.         Marco Chiarello