Coaching and Lessons

Our coaching staff at KTC consists of:

Head Coach: Edward Punzalan.
Instructor: Daniel Velocci

Both coaches specialize in Progressive Tennis. Progressive tennis is a method of training using low compression balls, modified court size and nets. These modifications help young tennis players succeed and build confidence at every level.

Edward and Daniel are available for private, semi-private or group lessons.
Rates: $50/hr for private, $60/hr for semis and $75/hr for group of 3 or more.

To book a lesson contact
Edward at:
Daniel at:

Full Description of our current lesson packages are listed below.
To Register for any one of the following packages click on the following link to go to the registration page:
Lesson Registration Page
Junior Lessons

Red Dot is the lowest compression ball. This age group uses mini nets and half court. Main focus is on fundamental stroke technique. Ages 5-7

Orange dot are 50% less compression than regular tennis balls. Children in this group continue to develop stroke techniques on 3/4 courts. Ages 7-9

Green dot are 25% less compression than regular tennis balls. Children in the group work on path, angle, speed of the ball while continuing stroke development on full court transition.

Cost: $130 for 7 weeks, 1 hr classes
(All children are required to come with a racquet, water bottle and proper attire: short/trackpants, t-shirt, running shoes, hat)

Sundays (with Coach Daniel)
session 1: May 5th to June 23 (no class on May 19th)
session 2: July 7 to August 25 (no class on Aug 4th)

9:00 am – Red Dot Balls and Orange Dot balls
*10:00am – Green Dot balls

Mondays (with Coach Daniel)
session 1: May 6th to June 24 (no class on May 20th)
session 2: July 8 to August 26 (no class on Aug 5th)

5:00pm – Red Dot balls
*6:00pm – Orange Dot balls

Tuesdays (with Coach Ed)
session 1: May 7th to June 25 (no class on May 21st)
session 2: July 9 to August 27 (no class on Aug 6th)

5:00pm – Green Dot balls

Performance Group (regular balls)- This is for kids who have taken the green dot lessons. The program is for intermediate players who are able to maintain a consistent baseline rally and serve on a full court. Tournament play is emphasized so they should be familiar with scoring and the rules of tennis.

Cost: $210.00 for 7 weeks for 2 hr classes
Joint program with Nobleton

Saturdays (with Coach Ed- at Nobleton courts)
session 1: May 4th to June 23 (no class on May 18th)
session 2: July 6 to August 25 (no class on Aug 3th)

*12:00-2:00- Performance group- regular ball

Note: Classes or students may be reassigned to accommodate skill level.

*Times may move to an earlier time slot if the programs ahead of them are not running.

Min. 4 kids to run the program.

Adult lessons
Cost: $130 for 7 weeks

Mondays (with Coach Ed): May 13th to June 24th
9:00 am-10:00 (Beginners or level 1:0 – 2.5)
10:00 am-11:00 (Intermediate or level 2.5- 3.5)

Tuesdays (with Coach Ed): May 14th to June 25th
9:00 am-10:00 (Advanced or level 3.5 – 4.5)
6:00pm-7:00 ( Level 1.5-3.5)

Min. 4 adults to run the program.