Court Booking

In order to book a court you must initially follow these steps:
1 – Join the club (you must be a member)
2 – Set up your id on the Court Booking platform (see the link below).
A link to a pdf file detailing how to set up your id on the court booking platform and how to actually book your courts can be found below along with a link to the Court Booking Site itself.
** Please note. It can take up to 2 days after completing your membership registration for the information to propagate into the court booking system.

Notes on Court Booking Rules:
       –  Maximum of 6 hours per week, per member
– Participation in programs organized by the club does not count against the 6 hour weekly max.
–  Singles ladder matches booked by participants ARE included in the 6 hour weekly max. 

Any questions can be forwarded to: Mahmood Asghar