2021 Ladder

  • The Ladders are open to Adult Members (male and female) and Junior members.
  • The Ladders will run from June 7th to September 26th and will be split into multiple sessions
  • The first session will run June 7th to July 4th (You do not have to commit to all sessions)

Ladders are extremely popular tennis activities.

To register for the first session send an email to wvtc.Ladder@gmail.com
before June 6th to get in the Ranking box for Session 1 (June 7th to July 4th).
(If you have already contacted the Club about joining the ladder, you do not have to contact them again, you are on the list).

Any signups that happen after the first session starts will have to wait until the next session to start play
so do not delay, sign up right away!

For more information, please contact the Ladder Coordinator at: WVTC.Ladder@Gmail.com.